What is Aerosol?

Aerosol is a mixture of liquid or solid particles suspended in a gas. Technically, aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in a gas.

Aerosols are usually released through spray cans, cans or pressurised containers. The word "aerosol" also refers to the dispenser or packaging that converts the contents inside the container into aerosol.

When precautions such as using aerosols correctly and safely, paying attention to product labels and instructions, and preferring environmentally friendly formulations are taken, aerosols can be used effectively and practically in many industries.

Various Usage Areas
Aerosol technology is widely used in many industries such as cosmetics and personal care products, pharmaceuticals, cleaning materials, food products and industrial applications.

Gases and Particles
Aerosols usually contain a propellant in the gas phase and liquid or solid particles. These particles can usually be of different sizes depending on the intended use of the product.

Aerosols usually use a propellant to release the substance they contain. These propellants usually consist of gases and allow the product to be sprayed.

No Harm to the Ozone Layer
Some aerosol propellants may contain substances that can damage the ozone layer (e.g. chlorofluorocarbon). However, the use of such substances has long been banned worldwide with the regulations made and ozone-friendly propellants have started to be preferred.

Aerosol cans can usually be recycled in metal recycling facilities. However, depending on the materials they contain and the type of propellant, their recycling properties may vary.

Follow Instructions for Health and Safety!
When using aerosols, it is important to read the product label and instructions carefully. Some aerosol products must be stored safely when not in use. It is necessary to follow the instructions on the product used.

Environmental Impacts
The environmental impact of aerosols may vary depending on the chemicals and propellants they contain and the use of the product.
Environmentally friendly formulations should be preferred.

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