for Your Household


Buket products are specially designed by Matsan Group's R&D team to create unique fragrances for your house and bring the freshness of nature to your living spaces!

With water and alcohol-based fragrances, Buket products provide long lasting and quick acting scents, allowing you to fill your house not only with a nice and pleasant odor, but also with a beautiful touch of the nature.

With their high-quality formulas, unique fragrance notes and elegant designs, Buket products will help you bring the natural world into your own house.

Are you ready to enjoy a bouquet of fragrances?

Buket Exclusive Series Air Freshener

The elegant fragrances in these exclusive series will create a fresh and unique atmosphere in your house. Its water-based formula is long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Bring beauty and freshness into your home with Buket Exclusive Series Air Freshener!

Buket Automatic Air Freshener

Buket Automatic Air Freshener provides a long-lasting freshness with its strong alcohol-based formula. Its intense and long-lasting fragrance will bring freshness and energy to your house, while its quick dry formula makes it ready to use instantly.


Our products with different categories and designs will change the air of the environment where they are used with many scent options.

Air & Fabric

- Airfreshener Shaped Air Melody
-Airfreshener Shaped Citrus Air
-Airfreshener Shaped Dream
-Airfreshener Shaped Spring Fresh
-Airfreshener Shaped White Blossom
-Airfreshener Shaped Sandal Wood
-Airfreshener Shaped Jasmine Love
-Airfreshener Shaped Lavender
-Airfreshener Shaped Ocean Fresh
-Airfreshener Shaped Citrus Magic
-Refill Air Freshener Antitobacco
-Refill Air Freshener Apple
-Refill Air Freshener  Gardeniz
-Refill Air Freshener Jasmine
-Refill Air Freshener Lavender
-Refill Air Freshener Lemon
-Refill Air Freshener Mountain Breeze
-Refill Air Freshener Musk
-Refill Air Freshener Ocean
-Refill Air Freshener Patchouli
-Refill Air Freshener Vanilla
-Air Freshener Lemon
-Air Freshener Rose
-Air Freshener Lilac