Our Company

Matsan Group is one of the leading manufacturer-exporter companies of the aerosol industry reaches millions of consumers more then 90+ countries arround the world with its own brands and privatre label products.


The foundations of MATSAN GROUP were laid in 1976 by pharmacist Atilla Öztürk, Mr Atilla, who was running Peykhane Özgür Pharmacy at that time, started formulating public health medicines and established the company.



To always be a pioneer in the aerosol industry by offering high quality, diverse, sustainable and accessible products. To develop innovations that add value to our customers and the environment and to contribute to the development of the sector as a company that calls for better and better.


Our philosophy is based on 3 main goals. To achieve high quality in production, to offer more options and to offer these options at an affordable price.
We continue to produce by focusing on the better and the beautiful so that you can always reach the better and the beautiful.



MATSAN GROUP, which adopts customer satisfaction and environmental awareness as its primary goal and acts with the vision of being the leading supplier in the field of aerosol products, has a special Research and Development (R&D) department to focus on R&D studies and to design, develop and integrate advanced product systems.



MATSAN GROUP operates with a capacity of 300,000 pieces per day in its 12,000 square metre production facility in Gebze, one of the largest industrial zones in Turkey. Thanks to its flexible filling systems, our company can also produce series of less than 10,000 units, making it easier for its customers to enter and exist in the market.



We have a promise to ourselves; not to sell any product that we will not use. That's why our standard is high. And for us, producing high standard work means quality. Producing many options with the same high quality means professionalism. Creating the team that will maintain this professionalism means catching the team spirit.



MATSAN GROUP, which has been producing in accordance with high quality standards since its establishment, continues its quality studies uninterruptedly and supports these studies with the necessary certificates.