As MATSAN GROUP, we offer solutions to the needs in all areas of life with a wide range of products. With our experience and innovative approach, we stand out with our products specially designed for various sectors.

As MATSAN GROUP, we offer fully customised solutions. You share your dream product and odour with us. The rest is left to our strong production, R&D and design team.

Innovation and High Quality

As MATSAN GROUP, we bring innovation and quality together in our product solutions. We work together with our experienced chemists and R&D team to create the formulation of your dream product.

With our strong infrastructure and R&D centre, we respond quickly to the demands and consumer expectations in the sector and continuously develop new generation formulations and production technologies. You will feel the high quality standards of MATSAN GROUP in each of our products.


As a business partner trusted by leading companies in the aerosol industry,


We offer a complete Private Label service to bring your brand to the forefront.


To create your own brand, you need an impressive and familiar packaging design.



Sustainable Quality
Diverse range of products
Customer oriented solutions
In-House Research & Development Laboratory
Having Private Label service
A-Class technical and ethical working atmosphere
Working with international & accredited laboratories for product testing