for Your Shoes

Our fragrance rangeYou can make your shoes healthier and brighter with Proshine products. Whether it has classic, sports or nubuck leather, you can bring your shoes back to the first day with our suitable colour options.
You can use your shoes for a longer time with its rich leather nourishing form. Our products can also be used in areas with leather surface such as belts, bags, seats, vehicle interior upholstery.

It does not irritate the leather in areas of use, does not fade its colour and offers comfort even in long-term use thanks to its permanence. You can use the one that suits you from our Black, Brown, Camel, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Neutral, Tobac colour options in 200ml boxes.


In order to meet the demands of our customers in more than 40 countries, we have various brand alternatives and even special formulation studies for our brands. The fact that our product range is very wide and we have a strong R&D department enables us to meet the specific demands of our customers. Thanks to our brand alternatives, we are able to take place in different markets with our various products.

Suede & Nubuk

- Black
- Brown
- Camel
- Dark Blue
- Dark Brown
- Neutral
- Tobac