for Women

Dazzle people with Crystal Tears!

One of the most important complements of beauty is fragrances...

Enhance your beauty with Crystal Tears deodorants, specially designed to bring color to your day and leave you feeling fresh and unique.

The day fades away but the fragrance linger. The colorful Crystal Tears is there for you to make every moment better!

Colorful Series: Blue, Pink and Yellow

Add a splash of color to your everyday life! What color best reflects your energy? Crystal Tears deodorants with Blue, Pink and Yellow series are specially designed to match your style at any day.

Unique Formula, Long Lasting Effect!

Crystal Tears' specific formulas will keep you fresh all day long. Thanks to its lasting effect, you will always feel fresh.


Our products produced as Blue, Pink and Yellow series are designed to accompany your most special moments. Thanks to its special formula, you will feel its effect all day long with its permanent effect.

Deo Spray
for Women

- Deodorant Body Spray Blue
- Deodorant Body Spray Pink
- Deodorant Body Spray Yellow