First Things First
for You

You will experience the difference with our First personal cosmetics and care products. It is designed to make your daily life more comfortable with special formulas for women. First hair care products are produced in different colour options and suitable for every hair type.

Snow sprays, which are also in the First portfolio, are designed for your needs to decorate the windows and walls of your home/office/stores on special occasions. Thanks to its special formula, it does not harm during use and can be easily cleaned afterwards.


Are you ready for fun moments with First snow sprays. First Snow Sprays, which you can use as New Year's Eve, special events, parties, store / home window ornaments, do not damage the surfaces and can be easily cleaned after use.

First Things First

- Glitter Spray Silver
- Glitter Spray Multicolor
- Glitter Spray Gold
- Mech Spray Orange
- Mech Spray Black
- Mech Spray Red
- Mech Spray Green
- Mech Spray Yellow
- Mech Spray Silver
- Mech Spray Pink
- Mech Spray Blue
- Mech Spray Gold
- Mech Spray Violet
- Decorative Snow Spray
- Party Snow Spray Flying