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For those who are searching for perfection in house cleaning: PROHOME!

Your comfort and peace of mind depend on the cleanliness of your house. You can't rest until it’s perfectly clean! PROHOME products offer the latest cleaning technology to help you achieve this perfection!

With strong formulas, highly effective cleaning performance and ease of use, each product not only makes your house sparkling clean, but also provides extra care. PROHOME's premium products offer a wide range of options for your bathroom, kitchen, clothes and carpets.

Choose PROHOME for high-quality cleaning and hygiene in every corner of your house, and achieve freshness and spotless housecleaning.

PROHOME Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

  • Rich and dense foam for effective cleaning.
  • Removes the soap scum and hard water stains
  • Quick and easy to use, leaves your bathroom with a nice fragrance.

PROHOME Oven Cleaner

  • Strong foam formula, effective removal of burnt-on grease.
  • Safe cleaning without damage.
  • Fast and easy to use, pleasant smell.

PROHOME Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • High-performance foam technology.
  • Economical and applicable on different surfaces.
  • Dries fast and does not leave stains.

PROHOME Stain Remover

  • Highly effective against stubborn stains with white powder technology.
  • Easy cleaning with a brush.
  • Well suited to different types of fabrics.

PROHOME Starch Spray for Ironing

  • Fast and easy ironing, long-lasting fragrance.
  • Fabric-friendly formula that does not damage clothes.

PROHOME Carpet Cleaning Foam

  • Dense foam for effective cleaning.
  • Quickly dries, applicable on different floor types.

PROHOME Wood Cleaner & Polish

  • Deep and effective cleaning with formula that leaves a noticeable shine.
  • Color protection technology
  • Applicable on different surfaces.

PROHOME Leaf Cleaner & Polish

  • Deep cleaning and shine, quickly dries.
  • Natural fragrances, perfect for house and garden cleaning.

 PROHOME lets you enjoy a perfectly clean house thanks to excellent technology!

Cleaning Products &
Household Care

- Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner
- Oven Cleaner
- Carpet Cleaner
- Multipurpose Cleaner
- Leaf Polisher
- Furniture Cleaner & Polisher
- Iron Coke Spray
- Stain Remover