for Insecticide

Build a Strong Defense Against Pests

Matsan Group is here with a unique solution designed to fight annoying flies, insects and pests in your home! Matkov Series is an excellent product by Matsan R&D team and brings ultimate safety to your home.

Matkov Series protects your home against pests by providing strong and effective defense. Matkov's unique formulations will help you live peacefully in your home.

Matkov Aerosol

Instant Protection and Freshness

Matkov Aerosol, with its strong formula, not only repels flies, but also creates a fresh feeling in your home.

Matkov Insect Repellent

Your Solution Partner at Home

Matkov Insect Control is a solution partner bringing your home in safety. Matkov's unique formula will help protect your home.

Matkov Natural Repellent

Natural protection, Perfect Results

Protect your home with its natural and eco-friendly formula.


It does not irritate the leather in areas of use, does not fade its colour and offers comfort even in long-term use thanks to its permanence.

You can use the one that suits you from our Black, Brown, Camel, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Neutral, Tobac colour options in 200ml boxes.


- Insecticide Flying Water Based
- Insecticide Crawling Solvent Based
- Insecticide Crawling & Flying Solvent Basedl
- Matkov Insect Repellent Spray
- Matkov Insect Repellent Machine + Tablets
- Matkov Insect Repellent Electro Liquide + Tablets