As a business partner trusted by leading companies in the aerosol industry, we offer contract manufacturing solutions to our customers. We meticulously evaluate the formulas we receive for the success of your products and manage our production processes in accordance with high precision and high quality standards.
As Matsan Group, we help our customers to produce their products effectively with our contract manufacturing services. Not only that, but we also offer a reliable business experience. We manage the process with the goal of establishing quality work and long-term business relationships.

Why Matsan Group's Contract Manufacturing Services?

Special Formulations and Meticulous Evaluation
We apply a rigorous evaluation process at every stage when formulating products to meet the specific requirements of our customers. This allows us to offer our customers specialised products that provide a competitive advantage.

Expertise and Experience
MATSAN GROUP, known for its experience and expertise in the sector, has a good command of contract manufacturing processes. It has an expert staff that can easily manage risks and difficulties.

Efficiency and Cost Saving
With advanced technology and process optimisation, we increase efficiency in production and provide cost savings to our customers.

Flexibility and Fast Production Capacity
Thanks to our flexible approach in contract manufacturing, we are able to respond quickly to the changing demands of our customers. By constantly optimising our production capacity, we adapt to customer demands immediately.

Privacy and Security
We apply the highest level of security protocols to protect our customers' trade secrets and product information. We maximise confidentiality and security standards in contract manufacturing processes.

Excellence-Oriented Quality Control
The strict quality control measures we implement in our manufacturing processes enable us to provide excellent quality products to our customers.
Our products are in full compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.


We offer a complete Private Label service to bring your brand to the forefront.


As MATSAN GROUP, we offer solutions to the needs in all areas of life with a wide range of products.


To create your own brand, you need an impressive and familiar packaging design.



Sustainable Quality
Diverse range of products
Customer oriented solutions
In-House Research & Development Laboratory
Having Private Label service
A-Class technical and ethical working atmosphere
Working with international & accredited laboratories for product testing