for Women

Because Life is a Rendez-Vous Full of Beauty!
Whether perfume or deodorant... In the flow of the day, Rendez-Vous surrounds you with a stylish and minimalist aesthetic at every moment. The scents of Rendez-Vous take you to another story every time you spray it. Wherever you are, Rendez-Vous flows with your rhythm.

Powerful and Elegant
The power and elegant touch that Rendez-Vous makes you feel ends the chaos of the day. The moment you meet with it, the best version of you emerges.

Always Fresh with Refreshing Deodorants
Set the rhythm of the day with Rendez-Vous' refreshing deodorants. Let your energy be always fresh, always high.

A Discovery Every Moment
If you say that every moment of life is a discovery, discover the unique scents of Rendez-Vous as soon as possible. Because life is a Rendez-Vous full of beauty!

Deo Spray
for Women

- Deodorant Body Spray Blue
- Deodorant Body Spray Pink
- Deodorant Body Spray Yellow