5 Reasons to Work with Matsan Group!

Experience and Reliability
Matsan Group has a deep-rooted history starting in 1976. We are a pioneer in the sector with our experience and reliability. We have a reference network and a high-level service understanding that we have built on solid foundations with our customers.

Innovation and Quality
We focus on innovation to gain competitive advantage in a constantly evolving industry. Innovative products and high quality standards stand out as the key elements that make Matsan Group's brand stand out in the sector.

A Global Vision
Matsan Group has a strong presence in the aerosol industry not only in Turkey but also worldwide. We reach consumers with our brands and products in more than +93 countries and offer services from a global perspective.

Customer Satisfaction Orientated Approach
The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. By establishing a special bond with each customer, we offer solutions tailored to their needs. We focus on exceeding our customers' expectations with our flexibility and ability to react quickly.

Environmentally Friendly Production
As Matsan Group, we adopt an environmentally sensitive and sustainable production approach. We adopt an approach that minimises environmental impacts in every area from the formulation of our products to packaging designs.

Working with Matsan Group means taking strength from our leadership in the sector, our experience and our customer-oriented approach. We are looking forward to celebrate our successes together by co-operating with you.