MATSAN GROUP operates with a capacity of 300,000 pieces per day in its 12,000 square metre production facility in Gebze, one of the largest industrial zones in Turkey. Thanks to its flexible filling systems, our company can also produce series of less than 10,000 units, making it easier for its customers to enter and exist in the market.

Because as MATSAN GROUP; we act with the commitment to offer high quality products to customers and end users at competitive prices. We meet customer expectations at the highest level with the cosmetic products, insecticide products, general purpose aerosol products we produce in the aerosol sector in which we operate. As a result of our long years of research and development work, we offer our customers a wide range of high quality and diverse products.

All MATSAN products are carefully designed and manufactured with a sustainable perspective. All of our products are ozone friendly. None of the products we produce and supply contain CFC gas, which is dangerous for the ozone layer.